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SANUSLIFE® means “healthy living”. An idea, an ongoing process. We began our work in 2006: from then on we have constantly sought to understand just what our bodies need to stay healthy. We asked ourselves whether or not some elements were ever provided at all or provided only in insufficient quantities. Considering that 70% of the human body is made up of water, it was clear that we had to start from this fact. We set to work with the help of renowned experts and, in no time, created the first products for water treatment, soon followed by others. These items are called SANUSPRODUCTS and are divided into three lines.

In the first place, we have water – because, without water, there is no life. You can find further information at ECAIA.

Our cells, however, cannot live with just water. For them to receive all the nutrients they need, our bodies must also consume important, vital elements in their purest form. Find out more at ESORI.

Finally, a protection “from the outside” is also needed, in support of our body’s largest organ: our skin. More information is available at ANACOS.