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Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos als FREE User bei SANUSLIFE und erhalten Sie 20 SANUSCREDITS als Willkommensgeschenk! Mit tollen Videobotschaften von der Umweltaktivistin Magdalena Geschnitzer und unserem Geschäftsführer Ewald Rieder begleiten wir Sie die ersten Tage und zeigen Schritt für Schritt, was Ihnen die SANUSWELT zu bieten hat.

Have fun navigating our site!

SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL has added a great bonus to its platform. Its name is SANUSCREDIT - SC for short. You can easily collect, save, redeem and multiply them. In any case, they will bring you lots of advantages!


Simply register at SANUSLIFE. Log in. Congratulations! You get 20 SC. Quickly invite friends - already come further south SC to. Posts, blogging, chatting, parts ... It's so simple. So fill your SC account!


Do you have any SANUSCREDITS? Now things get really interesting! Thanks to SANUSSTORE, our online Shop. The large shopping community. Here you can collect SANUSCREDITS too. Even better: here you can redeem your SANUSCREDITS and save money! Think of it as working this way: there are 2 stores in SANUSSTORE: in one you receive SANUSCREDITS with the purchase of SANUSPRODUCTS); in the other, you can redeem SANUSCREDITS when buy SANUSCOMPANIES Products). That's all there is to it!


SANUSCREDITS do not have to be redeemed immediately. On the contrary, if you save them, you will soon be able to enjoy even more benefits. In fact, SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL plans to convert SANUSCREDITS into digital money. The virtual bonus will thus become a real currency.


SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL offers a whole great opportunity collected SC to multiply. By splitting. As a newly registered PREMIUM member, you can double your SC. Triple. Quadruple. Quintuple. And with luck, you qualify for even a factor of 20!

Summing up, here is an overview of the advantages for you

  • Simply collect SC
  • Simply redeem SCs
  • Buy SANUSPRODUCTS and get SCs
  • Buy SANUSCOMPANIES Products and redeem SCs
  • Save SCs and benefit from their striking rise in value
  • PREMIUM Members will participate in the Splitting of SCs

Register now as a PREMIUM Member to make sure you achieve the Factor 20!

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